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Manta Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the brand Manta Games, a set of applications provided by the company Kindred Byte. The first of these games is called Manta Math, but we will use Manta Games to mean all games under the Manta brand.

Because Manta Games is designed to be used by children, we have been careful to avoid data collection, advertising, and any tracking not absolutely necessary. No login is required to use Manta Games and we do not track any user accounts. Players can enter their name so they they can track their progress, but they are free to enter fictional names. Importantly, Manta Games does not use social tracking cookies to track your movement across the internet.

To make the games useful, Manta Games collects data about the games, such as the number of times a question was answered correctly. None of this data is sent to any centralized server. It is stored on your device, and may be backed up according to your phone’s policies, but we do not harvest this data. In the future, Manta Games may collect game-based data in order to improve the games, but we greatly prefer to listen to our customers over mining your data.

You may notice a refreshing lack of advertising in your game. That is intentional. We think it’s gross to advertise in games targeted at kids. We may in the future promote our own games through the apps, so that people who know and like a Manta game know that others exist. We promise this will be done in a no-pressure way and targeted towards parents where possible.

Thanks for reading. Please go to if you have any questions.