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SpeedIn How it works

Control Access to your Club

Need to make sure people entering your club are members? Use SpeedIn to search or scan your members. You can optionally use fobs or key cards with a scanner to make lines fast.

Search by Family or Group

SpeedIn is structured around groups and families. When you search for someone, we always show that member and the rest of their family so that you can check them in or out together.

Manage Members in One Place

SpeedIn works with other systems so that you can manage members where you need to. You can import a CSV of your members, or you can use our QuickBooks synchronization feature to get changes to your members nightly. That means you can use QuickBooks for billing and payments and SpeedIn for access control.


Track who checked in

Get analytics on how many people checked in today, historical analytics based on custom dates, or tracked who has not yet checked out.

SpeedIn Key Features

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Use SpeedIn to check in and out for member-based events.

No lines

SpeedIn is built around check-in. You can check in members and families quickly through searching and/or using barcode or RFID scanners.

Find Trends

Get instant metrics about how many members have checked in today, yesterday, last week, or for any time period. Use that to predict attendence and staffing needs.

Get to Know Members with Photos

Want to verify the right member is checking in, or just want to put names to faces? Use your webcam to easily add photos for any member, and they'll show up everywhere you see a member.

Get Started Fast > Import Members

Need something now? If you use QuickBooks or can make a CSV of your members, we can quickly import your members.

Support for Families

Many check-in systems force you to find each family member. With SpeedIn you can search for one family member and check in everyone.

Nothing to Install

SpeedIn is hosted and backed up on the internet. You don't have to install, maintain, backup, or upgrade the software--that's all done for you. An Internet-connected is required.


SpeedIn solves the problem of checking in a family, without adding a bunch of costly or unusuable features that you don't need.

Who Uses SpeedIn

Whether you are an association, club, or non-profit, SpeedIn can work for you.


  • Political Associations
  • Law Associations
  • Library Associations
  • Alumni Associations
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Retreat Associations

This software significantly decreased our member check in and check out time. We have over 300 members and EVERYONE loves the ease of checking in and out that the app has provided. And I can't say enough about the people running the app. They are very easy to email.

Rose at Flying X Ranch

Clubs & Non-profits

  • Fitness Clubs
  • Garden Clubs
  • Motorcycle Clubs
  • Sailiing Clubs
  • Swim Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Networking Groups
  • Foundations & Charities
  • Churches
  • Business Organizations
  • Boys scouts & Girl Scouts

We had an old desktop check in system that was clunky and not up-to-date. We had a huge expense with printing cards and replacement cards that took too long. We switched to SpeedIn using RFID fobs, and our check-in system turned out to be a breeze. Our members find it easy and our staff that uses it on a daily basis said it is user-friendly and easy to manage.

Ron at Wallingford Swim & Racquet Club

Pricing for your Club

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  • No member pictures
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  • Club
  • Pay based on the number of members
  • $0.04 / member
  • 51 - 1500 members
  • Up to 3 users
  • Search by name
  • BYO Scanner & Fobs
  • Analytics
  • + Member pictures
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  • Infinite Plan
  • For clubs wih many members or special needs
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  • > 1500 members
  • Unlimited users
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  • BYO Scanner & Fobs
  • Analytics
  • Member pictures
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