All About the Member Portal, Users, and Groups

Created by: Paul Nuschke on March 27, 2020

In this article, we cover how the Member Portal works.

The Member Portal and Users and Groups

SpeedIn allows Users - your future Members - to register for a SpeedIn account separate from your Club. For example, this is like registering for an EventBrite (DIY ticketing company) separate from the event that you want to attend. Doing that would allow you to register for multiple events hosted through EventBrite with the same login information. In SpeedIn, Users can then register on SpeedIn for your Club or any others on SpeedIn. Users can control details of their profile, like their email address and password, taking that burden off of you. To use this feature, you must enable the Member Portal on your Club Settings.

Users can also add other Users to a Group. This Group is typically a family, but does not have to be. By doing this, Users can register themselves and their family to your Club all in one step. This registration is done through the Member Portal.

When Users register for your Club, they choose a Membership Type and the Users in their Group that they want to include in the Membership. When they complete registration, a few things happen. First, a Member is added for each User to your Club. Those Members are added to a Family. And that Family is given a Membership. Through some settings, you can control if those Members (and their Memberships) are Active right away, or if you want to approve them, in which case they are marked as "Candidates". See this article for more details on how this works.

The Future of the Member Portal

The Portal currently provides a way for your Members to register. If you need to take payment, typically would require "approval" of those registrations, and then collect money outside of SpeedIn. In the future, you will be able to accept these fees through SpeedIn, automating the process.

In addition, currently the Member Portal has a rather plain UI. This is temporary. In the future, you will be able to control the style of your Member Portal, or select from one of a few themes.